Published Work

Byline Articles (Co-writing & Ghostwriting – Business) 

Corporate Journalism Learnings From One of the World’s Best-Known Brands, Forbes

Best Practices for Internal Communications, Forbes

How to Effectively Report PR and Marketing Results to Your CMO, Forbes

5 Things Successful Brand Publishers Do, Huffington Post

5 Tenets for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace, Mashable

How To Help Your Startup Survive Its First 3 Years, Forbes

How 3 Digital Publishers Developed Diverse Audiences With Data, Huffington Post 

The Value of Having Employees Test Your Products First, Forbes

Seven Types of Influencers And Why They’re Important, Forbes 

5 Ways to Get Girls to Fall in Love With STEM, Inc. Magazine

What the FTC’s Native Advertising Guidelines Mean For Publishers, Forbes

Why Publishers Should Pay More Attention to On-site Search, Computerworld

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Like Athletes, Inc. Magazine

Creating Pinnacle Content to Measure, Evaluate, Empower, Entrepreneur

3 Ways Influencer Relations Can Enhance Your PR Efforts, Inc. Magazine

5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers, Entrepreneur

PR as a Marketing Tool: Saucony’s Winning Strategy, Inc. Magazine

Top 20 Insights Every Marketer Should Know, The Huffington Post

Why Your Company’s CMO Might Be Its Next CEO, Mashable

10 Tips for Healthy Cofounder Relationships, Forbes

The 10 Do-Nots of Branded Content, Inc. Magazine

How to Find Your Company’s Sheryl Sandberg, Fast Company

Failure: We’re Doing It All Wrong, The Huffington Post

7 Tips for Loving Your Career and Working With Passion, Entrepreneur

8 Podcasts That Make You Smarter, The Huffington Post


Byline Articles (Co-writing & Ghostwriting – Creative)

Designer and Hand-letterer Christine Herrin Is Making Life Documentation Cool Again, Create (Adobe media outlet)  

Sara Dietschy’s Life Behind and in Front of the Camera, Create (Adobe media outlet) 

Designer Craig Winslow Is Bringing Ghost Signs Back to Life, Create (Adobe media outlet)

Discover Illustrator Syd Weiler’s Fascination With Time, Create (Adobe media outlet) 


Data Journalism (Ghostwriting)

Destination Diaries: Las Vegas, The Most Exciting Desert Oasis On Earth, Sojernal

How Turmoil Has Affected Travel to Greece and Tunisia, Travel Weekly

Destination Diaries: Dubai, City of Gold, Sojernal

Love At First Flight: 2015 Valentine’s Weekend Travel Trends, Sojernal

Destination Diaries: What Happens at SXSW Stays In Austin, Sojernal

2015 Lunar New Year Travel Trends, Sojernal

Destination Diaries: Dubai, City of Gold, Sojernal

In Full Bloom: 2015 Cherry Blossom Travel, Sojernal

2015 Memorial Day Travel Trends, Sojernal

Off to Singapore: 28th SEA Games Travel Trends, Sojernal


Content for Consumer Brands

Don’t Be Scared: Clashing Patterns Create Interest, Blog

Untamed: An Interview With Wildlife Photographer Paul Souders, Blog

Contemporary Takes On Classic Book Covers, Blog

5 Unforgettable Fashion Photos From Our Life Picture Collection, Blog

7 Tips For Decorating With Metallics, Blog

Contemporary Kitsch: Turn Your Outdoor Space Into A Tiki Escape, Blog

3 TV Shows That Give Us Art Envy, Blog

Sweet & Savory: Chocolate-dipped Bacon-wrapped Bananas, ModCloth Blog

Take A Trip with Whimsical LA Designer Locketship, ModCloth Blog

A Quick Fix: How to Make DIY Dry Shampoo, ModCloth Blog

Turn-of-the-Century Today: Antique Science Inspiration, ModCloth Blog (Ghostwriting)

Literary Lines We Love: Adventure Away, ModCloth Blog

Best Job Ever: Typographer & Illustrator Extraordinaire Jessica Hische, ModCloth Blog

Best Job Ever: Jeanna Parham, Wig Master, ModCloth Blog

Best Job Ever: Creative Powerhouse Bri Emery of Designlovefest, ModCloth Blog

Hey Sugar! A DIY Lip Exfoliator Sweet Enough to Eat, ModCloth Blog

Sandra Suy’s Illustrations Inspire Fashion & Beauty Experimentation, Birchbox Blog


Thought Leadership (My Bylines) 

How Brand Journalism Builds Brand Equity in ‘Boring’ Industries,

6 Signs You’re Ready to Be a Full-time Freelancer,

How Ghostwriters Help Busy Execs Spread Their Brilliance, 

Why Freelancers Should Be Called Creative Entrepreneurs,

What Designers Want Copywriters to Know,

7 Pieces of Advice for First-Time Managers, Creative Digest

How I Write: My Copywriting Process, Copywriter Collective


On Mental Illness & Betterment

Is there an alternative to nagging?The Orange Dot (Headspace)

How to take care of your mind like you’re getting paid for it, The Orange Dot (Headspace)

Does a clear space really mean a clear mind?The Orange Dot (Headspace)

Perspectives, KQED Public Radio (NPR’s San Francisco Affiliate) 

What “Getting Better” Means For a Sibling Suffering From Mental Illness, The Orange Dot (Headspace)

Read This Before You Think About Arguing With Your Mother Over The Holidays, The Orange Dot (Headspace)


Miscellaneous Publications

Books Every Teenage Girl Should Read Before They Turn 18,

The Unwritten Menstrual Cup Rules, xoJane

Retro Speakers In Just 5 Steps, Huffington Post Home

10 Lessons Writers Can Learn from Game of Thrones, Community on BuzzFeed

Green Light, Pittsburgh City Paper


Nonfiction Essays & Interviews

Peachtree Street, Entropy Magazine

On Memoir: When Angst Is a Prompt, The Brevity Blog 

Jesse Essays, Apple Valley Review

An Interview with Robert Hass, The Fourth River (Print only)



Rick the Astrologer, The Red Clay Review (Print only)


More upon request.

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