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An Essay About 2 Weeks In Dallas With My Mother

I recently wrote a piece on mental illness for Headspace’s blog, The Daily Dot. Was it difficult? Absolutely. I went back and forth for days about if I should even share this article with my mother, but after a few comments of encouragement from friends, I decided to do it. She remembers our two weeks in Dallas together differently, said that if I would ever like to write an article like this again she would be happy to provide me with more accurate information. I had a talk with her about perspective, how it has to be okay for me to share my own.

I ran across the perfect Ann Patchett excerpt to share with her. It’s from Ann’s book of essays, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage:


I texted a photo of this page to my mother as an olive branch. I’m 65% sure that it helped.


2 thoughts on “An Essay About 2 Weeks In Dallas With My Mother

  1. Perspective is so important. I frequently encounter these differences with my mother. We simply remember things differently. These differences can be hurtful, but they’re central to who we are, and practically impossible to get rid of.

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