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10 Lessons Writers Can Learn From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ season premiere is almost here, and if you’re even the slightest bit of a fan (and perhaps also a writer), you’ll dig this list of surface-level learnings meant to put the fire under your manuscript-touting tushes.

10 Lessons Writers Can Learn From Game of Thrones

(Along with some actual takeaways about how to further your writing career.)

1. When you’re young and think you’re really good, you may not be. 

Joffrey being a jerk, Mashable.

Don’t be Joffrey. Being humble and approachable fosters fandom. Author Claire Bidwell Smith, and the authentic perspective she provides on her Facebook page, is the perfect example.

2. Nurturing eggs (manuscripts) with unconditional love, regardless of how long it takes, will bear fruit.

Daenerys' Dragon Love, PopSugar.

3. Incest isn’t best. (Network with writers outside of your genre.)

Cersei Throws Down, My Mom Watches Game of Thrones

DIVERSIFY. Poets are only as big as their circles and nonfiction is only as interesting as it is to the rest of the world. Break boundaries and make friends with folks you normally wouldn’t. You may be surprised by the opportunities that come of it.

4. Eloquence is a learned art.

Olenna, TVRecapperAnonymous

Be a queen (or king) of conversation and reap the rewards of being able to play verbal chess. Your quick wit will serve you well at readings (and in life in general)!

5. Distractions will always be around. Learn how to say “no” (even to puppies).

Snow Pup, Zip2it

6. Self-publishing in a climate of entrepreneurship is a viable option. 

Littlefinger Toast, Omega Level Net

Littlefinger puts the “self” in self-promotion. You can do this without the sleaze factor. Would you try your hand at self-publishing? Author of children’s book Peanut Butter or Jelly Deborah Kelson took the risk and flourished because of it.

7. Wear your pride on your sleeve.

Hound Style, Dorkly

Once you recognize that you’re great at reading your work, book more readings! Don’t be afraid to leverage that confidence for the sake of sharing what you’re passionate about.

8. Own your voice relentlessly. 

GoT Love, Zap2it

Once you find your voice, protect and refine it, but give it room to evolve and grow.

9. When your publisher likes your latest piece of work, show that you’re grateful.


10. Play the game, but know how to turn it off. 

GoT Cast in Dubrovnik, Just Dubrovnik

Stop editing, pour a glass of wine, and revel in all you’ve accomplished so far.

Even if you just write a page today, you’re one page farther than you were before.

Now, who’s watching GOT this Sunday?!


3 thoughts on “10 Lessons Writers Can Learn From Game of Thrones

  1. I’ll be watching!

    Thank you for putting together this insightful collection of writing advice and Thronesing them up. Very entertaining but also memorable (the GIFs of grateful Sansa, fierce Ygritte, and chicken-eating Sandor were perfect)

      • I thought they did a good job of re-introducing Lancel in particular, hitting all the major points of his past relationship with Cersei and describing his current religious state.

        Their were some great moments (“Are you a virgin, Jon Snow?”) and some not so great (I thought the scene between Missandei and Grey Worm was kind of odd, since it doesn’t seem inexplicable that men without childhoods would seek comfort.)

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