Why Home Décor Content is My New Black

Lady in Reclining Chair - Art.com

Lady in Reclining Chair” – Art.com

I spent the early years of my career copywriting and creating content for fashion e-tailers. That was all fine and dandy, a blast in fact given that the work paired well with my passions at the time. But today, I nest. I pickle things on the weekend, help my mate with his sushi catering business, and find myself spending more time than I’ll admit to picking out pillows that contrast perfectly with the paintings we’ve hung on our walls.

Among the other branding and copywriting projects I work on at Art.com, I create homepage campaign copy that teaches customers how to nail that look they love with art. This refreshing summer campaign started with a grouping of some of our most popular shoppable categories and ended with the name “Fresh Perspectives,” a modern twist on traditional, nature-inspired art.

Laura Vrcek, Art.com Copywriting

Laura Vrcek, Art.com Copywriting

Laura Vrcek Art.com Copywriting

Laura Vrcek Copywriting

Follow my indulgent home décor board for a look at what I convince my mate to let me buy. I’d say his style is more “snowboard chic” but no need for labels. He’ll let me spray-paint those old boards metallic gold eventually.



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