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Battling for Charity: A Win at WriteClub SF!

Write Club SF, January 2013

After my writer pal Maggie Glover read at WriteClubSF, she recommended that I should, too. In fact, I didn’t really have a choice in it since she drunkenly took my hand, introduced me to the organizers, and said, “Laura will do it next.” Maggie is a peach in that way.

How does the event work? I will tell you! Insatiable event hosts Casey Childers and Steven Westdahl pit writers against eachother to take part in a battle to the death via the spoken word. I read a nonfiction piece themed around the word ‘first’ and my opponent read one themed around the word ‘last’ for the sports-themed event back in January (2013). Then, the crowd voted one writer from each round into the win zone, and that winning writer got to choose which charity they’d like some of the door proceeds to go to. There’s usually some cheering, a bit of bloodshed, and often times cheap beer (or good beer if you’re feeling sexy).

Here’s a link to the event write-up and you can download the MP3 by clicking here.

This reading is one of my favorites in the city because it’s fast, funny (Casey and Steven are both huge goofballs), and since it’s so quick, it allows you time to mingle afterwards with fellow writers (what I really want to do at events when around my own kind).

Follow WriteClubSF on Facebook, and keep an eye out for the next event. Secret hint: review one of their podcasts on iTunes and you’ll get in free! Otherwise, it’s $5 cover (and even that goes to charity, so hush, child).


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